"The mindset of a rule in business is integral to your actual personal success. What I got from the presentation at a meet up is that I NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT JUST MY MINDSET TO MOVE FORWARD." ~ Leisa Burdette

To the Business Club Chairman looking for a unique person to entertain and educate your group

I have an absolutely unique way to get a very important message across to business people. In my talk The Subconscious Side of Business, I use hypnosis to show that in today's ultra busy world with a hundred things a minute vying for our attention, we need to focus. And sadly focus is a skill that has been lost.

First, I will demonstrate that it is possible to focus totally on the one thing that is going drive your business forward. Second, that no one does it. So learning to focus will put you strides ahead of the competition.

Finally, I will show you a method of self hypnosis that when used correctly will bring you to a focused and productive life.

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