Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Come On Stage?

No. I am always looking for the best subjects and will sometimes suggest a volunteer but even a slight hesitation will have me moving to the next person.

Is the show appropriate for Children?

The show caters to the audience and is generally PG rated. There is nothing offensive and the show does change depending on you and even then, would only move to a rating with some slightly risqué components.

Are the Volunteers really having Fun?

After the show, I normally will sit and chat with the volunteers and am yet to find anybody who did not have a good time.

How are the Volunteers chosen?

At the start of the night, the entire place has the opportunity to experience some hypnotic phenomena. The people who respond best may be invited to join me on stage. No pressure is applied, I only want to play with people who want to play.

Is there anybody who can’t Volunteer?

Yes, and I list them at the start of the show. But often some of those who, for safety reasons can’t be in the main show are invited to help demonstrate at the start and they get to experience waking hypnosis.

How long is the show?

It does depend a bit on the type of show, but the best duration for a fundraiser is about 75 minutes. It can be as short as 45 minutes if that is what you need.

What are the Audio Visual Needs?

Over 100 in the audience: 2 x Foldback Speakers (These are pointed onto the stage to ensure the volunteers can hear me clearly) Crowd Speakers (These are large speakers to ensure all of the audience can hear what is happening on stage no matter where they are in the room.)

Under 100 in the audience: Performance area positioned in front of the Crowd Speakers so that the sound passes through the stage and the volunteers can hear it clearly.

How Many People do we Need for a Show?

I often do small business presentations for as little as 10 people, but I would not suggest that. A show will normally break even at 40 people, will become profitable at 75 in the audience and be a financial success with more than 100.

Do we Need a Stage?

You can successfully do a show for a hundred or less people in rows and 80 or less at tables from the floor, but any more than that, a stage is needed.

Stage Setup?

I need 8-10 chairs on stage. These chairs will ideally be armless, touching one another in a slightly curved line across the stage. A small props table, somewhere on stage would be great too.

What does it Feel like to be Hypnotised?

For some people, it feels great, it feels relaxing and light. For some, it feels like their body is heavier, more comfortable and for some it feels like they are just sitting in a chair. Hypnosis is a natural state, we have all felt it before and usually several times a day.

What does it take to be Hypnotised?

Being hypnotised is a skill, a practiced skill and like most skills we can all learn to do it, and like most skills some of us are naturally better at it than others. It took me years of practice and I am one of the first to volunteer when I am at another hypnotist’s show. They call me a hypno-junkie.

How Much does a Fundraiser Show Cost?

I am based in Ipswich, Qld and the pricing is based on a maximum 3 hour drive from home. If you are further away, there may be more investment. Minimum charge of $550 or $10 per head in the audience. Which ever is the greater. I am also a volunteer and love what you do, so I start at a very low price and stop at $1350 which is the average price I charge for a non fundraiser type of show.

How Do I Book?

Start by looking at my calendar and choose a date. Remember if you are further than 3 hours away it is better value to work with a club in the next town, so we can do two shows on two nights and you both get the home town value. Then send me an email to lock in the date. A $250 deposit will be asked for to hold that date.